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Platz 14

EC New Trend
von diverse

Autor: div.
Zeichner: div.
Land: USA

"The Big If", Johnny Craig, "Mars Is Heaven", TWO-FISTED TALES, Jack Kamen, "F-86 Sabre Jet", CRIME SUSPENSSTORIES, "Bird-Dogs", Reed Crandall, "The Aliens", WEIRD FANTASY, "A Baby", MAD, "The Small Assassin", Graham Ingels, "When The Catís Away", "The Whipping", Harvey Kurtzman, "The Patriots", THE VAULT OF HORROR, "More Blessed To Give", Al Feldstein, PIRACY, "Shoe Button Eye", SHOCK SUSPENSTORIES, George Evans, "He Walked Among Us", Jack Davis, "Custerís Last Stand", "The Mole", Joe Orlando, "Pipe-Dream", THE HAUNT OF FEAR, "Mud", Bill Elder, "Rubble", John Severin, "Shermlock Shoes", ACES HIGH, "In The Bag", "There Will Come Soft Rains", FRONTLINE COMBAT, "Seep No More", Marie Severin, "The Tryst", TALES FROM THE CRYPT, "The Night Before Christmas", Wallace Wood, "The Master Race", WEIRD SCIENCE FANTASY, Joe Kubert, "Superduperman", Bernie Krigstein, "Under Cover", Al Williamson, "Plucked", WEIRD SCIENCE, Frank Frazetta, "Atom Bomb", PANIC, "Touch And Go", "Hannibal", Alex Toth, IMPACT, "Dying City"... (Marc SagemŁller)